Buke Misri me Djathe is coming back in NY

I first heard about this show some time back, but I never got to see it. I am glad it is coming back and I will definitely see it this time.  It is high time for A Big Fat Albanian Wedding phenomenon.



8 thoughts on “Buke Misri me Djathe is coming back in NY

  1. Been in many pastoral places in southern albania… the facility where they keep the dairy products is called “baxho”. You can get tons of yum in a “baxho”. These used to be 100% natural (organic) in good old times – don’t know how’s it now, though. The best sheep cheese is made in Gjirokastra. There is a place therein called “Cajup” – the lifestock graze on some specific plant called “trendeline”. This evidently makes the meat and dairy thingy sooooo tasty. Screw greek feta cheese when you can have that one. The lambs or sheep are cooked in a sort of rotisery – called “mish ne hell” – it is out of this world, but you got to have this over there, not elsewhere…. it is in its complex with the nature… everything fits in…. even the songs you hear, like ‘O kenoj se mu tha grika…..’

    Blete, you woke up some meories, classy girl, you owe me one here, as now i’m gonna get some screwed up coffee in a plactic cup (buke peshku cup) and run into a freaky corporate meeting one more time …. but then it will be “bzzzzz” again…. after all, life is possible….. ain’t it?

  2. I took the lesbian test, and to tell you the truth, I was quite surprised. Apart from having to deal quite often with perplexing and sometimes unsurmountable difficulties at answering the questions about body parts which I do not posses, as far as I know, and also about how I feel towards or against a repulsive proximity to guys, an experience which only the mentioning would splinter my spleen and crush my hollow spirit, the overall result, guess what…came out positive…I am officially a Lesbian.

  3. congratulations for passing the test. in the same spirit, i also found out that i am a homosexual, because i only date guys.

  4. yummy, buke misri dhe djathe i bardhe…its been a long time since i have head “buke misri” and i don’t think that i will find smth that its as good and tasteful as the one in albania.

  5. O njerez o te papare, po nuk kemi pasur cte hame prandaj dukej mjalt ajo e uruar buke misri.Ju uroj nje buke misri me groshe per dreke si i kane thene nje fjale- ” Pafshi ne enderr gjelle pasanikesh” ju people keni filluar te shihni gjelle te varferish……..

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