Revolution song (or Do-It-Yourself Brainwash)

A free new world is waiting around the corner

Forged from the wounds of our cynical chaos

We march, confident in the smile of our leader

Safe in our thoughts crowned by laurels

We march and ignore our stupid aching feet

And lick away the cracks on our lips

They were not made for the revolution

But we are the wind of the rebirth

And we shall overcome.


7 thoughts on “Revolution song (or Do-It-Yourself Brainwash)

  1. …The idea is intriguing, intelligent and considering yours ‘for the public politically indifferent’ attitude, a mildly courageous theme, only that I think you should be more careful to the structure, that is, how the parts are connected and as for the form it needs some more effort in the word choice and avoidance of certain cliches as for example ‘the laurel leaves’…

  2. I don’t think so, and neither do you. I personally love your blog and I know at least another one that shares with me the feeling.

  3. the joke about the devolution title was related to the idea expressed in the poem, to its message, and not to the poem itself as an artstic entity.

  4. thank you thank you thank you.
    it just hit me upon a midnight dreary. LOL.
    we were without a revolution on our own.
    I mean my generation. all that was left to us, was getting good jobs with nonprofit organizations and multiplying the range of corporate america.

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