The raven and the fox (Find the Author)

Upon an oak branch high up on a peak

A raven perched and prepared to eat

A piece of cheese balanced on his beak

But, as he was ready to tuck into it

A cursed fox came under the tree

Because she smelled that aged brie.

She wants to eat it for herself

”Good day to thee, my oldest friend

Your comeliness over all birds is king

With feathers white, but if you can sing

The same, undisputed will be your reign”

So the raven opened his beak to croak

Down fell the cheese into the fox’s throat:

And then she said

”You stupid git

The ones who flatter

Always want to steal your feed

And for that matter, Sir, helped thee I did

Today, the advice I dispensed all in all

It’s worth more than the cheese I stole

Lady fox said and away she trotted

The raven smoldered

The raven in shame

Swore up and down

It would not get caught 

By flattery again


19 thoughts on “The raven and the fox (Find the Author)

  1. I vaguely remember it..cant think of the author.

    However, your way with the English tongue is most disturbingly skillful. Be warned: the English tongue is a most treacherous mistress.
    A stew of many others, is nothing but holy tripe.

    Lest you forget here’s the Kanun warning:

    “The tongue is made of flesh, but it can break bones”

  2. what can I do but embrace the gift I could not get rid of?
    thank you for the compliments elais and kreshnik. keep them coming, my ears still do not touch the ceiling. somebody keeps cutting them.

  3. une po marr vetem bishtin, nuk me pelqejne gjerat e rrumbullaketa, terhiqem prej atyre ovale.
    Bishti, figurativisht, pra terthorazi, ka nje ngarkese ngacmuese sensuale, mund te jete me i pershtatshem nese nuk jemi duke folur per kafshet.

  4. se mos merret si mesazh subversiv per marrdheniet Israel -SHBA

    e lagu, se lagu bishtin-tha

  5. aha jo politike parrulle, se i nxorra gersheret une. 😉
    D. merr cfare te te pelqeje dhe cfare te te hyje ne pune. hallall e ke sido qe te jete se e gjete autorin.

  6. jo jo …. gersheret ruaji per rete qe me kane marr peng diellin …

    Ain’t no sunshine when she is gone!

  7. i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know, i know…

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