Pics from the Fabulous Event with Aurela Gace and Tefta Radi in New York

Since all of you were curious. Yes, the evening was a success, or so my little spies tell me. Pictures published with the gracious permission of Pierre Pandeli Simsia.




8 thoughts on “Pics from the Fabulous Event with Aurela Gace and Tefta Radi in New York

  1. by now they are antiques or at least vintage and maybe will fetch a nice price on the market.
    she does look good though. I like serene round faces.

  2. Damn, Aurela looks scary too. I used to see her at Omonia Cafe in Brooklyn, and used to think: “She’s getting to look more and more like Liza Minelli” Well, mission accomplished!

    Anyways, thanks for sharing and respect to my peeps!

  3. I think she is angling for the jazz/lounge singer/entertainer, vamp/femme fatale look, which is why there is a lot of drama in the styling.
    But I like the dramatic flair.
    u’re welcome and thanks for being my guest its.

  4. E papame Tefta miti i Radio Televizionit Shqipetare .
    Naida ku ia pe vethet zogu vogel gjthsesi e konsiderojme koment positiv

  5. I would like to express my sympathies for the graters speaker of Albanian National Television TVSH for her wonderful voice and professionalism which she has shown all those years, and specially for personal appeal she made in the most difficult night of Albania history where she address to the nation for calm and peace, I will never forget her appeal.

    Tefta Radi nese nundesh ta lexosh kete mesazh, une te uroj gjithe te mirta ne familje dhe, jete,kam degjuar se nuk vazhdoni te jeni folse ne television, TVSH.
    Une personalish nuk do ta harroj kurre apelin qe i bere shqiptareve ate nate kur te dhane nje leter ne kohen kur po flisje se ne Yzberisht te Tiranes ishin hapur depot e ushtrise , dhe me pas bere ate apel, ate here e kuptova se shteti kishte marre fund, fale Zotit Shqperia u rikemb, perseri.

    Je e mekullushme te uroj nga zemra gjithe te mira.

    Me shum respekt nje bashke atedhetari yt, me orgjin nga Gjirokasta, lindur ne Tirane dhe banim ne Londer.

    Me shum respekt


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