Advice For A Fabulous Valentine



Crush little cocoa hearts

Melt them into a warm thick liquid

Splash the essence of pureed rose petals

Wear dead worms’ cocoons and bendable iron

Tease, pluck, and erase every little imperfection

Wait for the doorbell while pretending not to


Open the door with a smile and ethereal trail

Extend limbs to touch a piece of heaven

Arch body to receive God

Inhale, exhale, grip and stay there

Arise from slumber by butterfly kisses

Or snores, depending on the deity involved


Awake, open a window before the bird dies

Drink scalding bitter dark lava straight from hell

Fold what you flung around not so long ago

Throw the skins of passion’s fruit in garbage

Roll a little politically incorrect relaxation

And breathe freely till anniversary’s time


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