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I normally hate celebrating Valentine’s day, because it has become so commercialized and it has lost its meaning, together with love. I do not like the big roses on chemical fertilisers, the mad teddy bears, the dinner-for-two price fix most “romantic” restaurants offer, together with their watered down italian wines and overcooked pasta. Everywhere I look there is a gaudy balloon and a paper heart full of chocolate that tastes like cardboard, and happy retailers, peddling bras to A cups and horrible panties to giggling high schoolers. It just seems stupid to parade for all the world to see with my “righ now” man who will probably move on to greener pastures come spring, and smile at endearments of no value, only because it is Valentine’s day.
I chanced to see this picture of the two skeletons found in Italy, buried together a long time ago, and some ice melted off my bones. I mean why did I ever doubt the existence of the warm fuzzy feeling that radiates from these two ancient skeletons (more than I can say about me), and the eternal embrace that enfolds them?
The article said these skeletons were young and of opposite sex. Who knows why they decided to die together like this? Was her family a very rich one and refused him so she poisoned herself and he found her tomb at midnight, positioned her next to him, drank poison and closed his eyes too? Was she a slave that loved her master so much that decided to enter his tomb after midnight and drink poison next to his bones? Did they belong to feuding families who would never allow them to be together, so they just decided to take poison and die together? Was he a pervert who could not live without his victim’s presence? Was it a cruel joke that pleased her rich husband to kill both of them and position them in a mockery of true love? Was it a good hearted priest who allowed his young charges to be together after death? Maybe two runaway slaves who could nto bear to be separated and decided to take their own lives rather than be back to slavery and tortured separately?
Oh my mind is running so full of ideas, plots and tragedies! One thing is for sure, my faith has been restored, and love is indeed a proven miracle. So what if they were arranged by deranged archeologists with a sick sense of humor? My mind is set and my soul is calm. I will just grab my substitute man and accept the horrible balloon with the stupid teddy bear, because one day, ten million years away, my bones will probably also be scrutinized for signs of miracle, and I do not want them to speak of a life without magic instead.


42 thoughts on “L-O-V-E

  1. Ah chicks and valentine day; such a perfect scam matching women with entire industries that serve this great moment of “love” :p

  2. i am in the experimenting phase. i liked the one before and maybe i will get back to it. we’ll see.
    ll your secret is my secret to take to the grave (but i have to stop to the supermarket first)

  3. All you need is love,
    All you need is love,
    All you need is love, love,
    Love is all you need.

    I used to hate March the 8-th, May the 1-st, June the 1-st etc. etc. for very similar reasons. Couldn’t hate love, though…

    Blete, I’m refraining myself from another praise on this one, ’cause I’m afraid you’ll tell me again you’d collect ’em and read ’em to make you feel better….. Don’t want my praise to be a tylenol….

  4. you are too late it has already happened. “one pill to make me larger, one pill to make me smaller, one pill to turn me back where I started.”
    I’ll be happy if you just like Valentine again though.

  5. Bletez sa e shkathet je , edhe une te njejtin shkrim mendoja te beja.i urrej ditet e festave e sidomos ate te Sh.Valentinit sepse e kane kthyer 100% ne komercializim.POr dhe mua mu shkrine gjakrat kur pashe kete foto dhe u bera gati te shkruaja nje shkrim kur รง’te shof Bleta qe fluturon e kishte hedhur para nesh:)bukur e ke pershkruar…

  6. sorry i couldn’t move you forward…. wasn’t really my intention… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    you know, valentine is like tango, it takes two to roll. i’m sorry for loners, it makes them feel like s…. i believe.

  7. I do not think that loners (periodically being one myself) feel like sh with a lot of punctuation at the end. I think that it is the people who are not loners and who put up with this travesty in order to feel “whole” or “loved” by other people they would not normally “throw their boogers at” (albos know what I am talking about).
    But then a picture like the one above comes along and one’s head becomes airy, and one’s heart fills with yearning, and one simple fact is forgotten: Most people (including yours truly) are together out of convenience and their bones would never tell such a tale to the descendants or aliens a thousand years from now.

  8. “Most people (including yours truly) are together out of convenience” it reminds me on “te tjere duam, te tjere na duan, me te tjere jemi bashke” ๐Ÿ™‚ … c’moooon… take ii like a (wo)man … suck it up … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. jo mi lal, une e thashe ate me teper sepse me pelqeu shume shkrimi jot.do shkruaj dhe une diรงka me kismet ne lidhje me sh.valentinin..

  10. P.F. I mean’t to agree with Bletezz on her conclusion.
    As long as love exists there will be magic.
    So while some hope to find love still exists than all is not lost.
    Thus, once again: Thank god for Magic!

  11. Why do they have to be – by such a romantic and whimsical will – mandatorily and indispensably lovers, what about them being sister and brother, possibly twins, escaping a cataclism, frightend and horrified by the quake, fires, armies, volcano, the last remnants of a ordinary family and also the fastest ones, apparently not that fast though, why not an incestuous couple, firs cousins, or wors and still brother and sister, damned and condemned by a destiny of choice, or just two people in a picnik that were bitten by a rabid(the dog sickness) snake, and because there was nobody around, they just decided to console one another as the death was closing over them, they jaws are serriedly tight, which might be a sign of convulsions, muscular rigidity and finally paralysis…I mean why not? Do you really know Why you WANT them to be lovers?

  12. you are forgiven, more so because you actually make the same point i make, that the bones speak of lvoe and tenderness.
    the rest is just reading the inkblots at the therapist’s office
    ’tis the season tanxhelo

  13. Send His love to Me

    Lover had to leave me
    Cross the desert plain
    Turned to me, his lady
    Tells me “lover wait”

    Calling jesus, please
    Send his love to me

    Oh, wind and rain may haunt me
    Look to the north and pray
    Send me, please, his kisses
    Send them home today

    I’m begging, jesus, please
    Send his love to me

    Left alone in desert
    This house becomes a hell
    This love becomes a tether
    This room becomes a cell

    Mommy, daddy, please
    Send him back to me

    How long must I suffer?
    Dear god, I’ve served my time
    This love becomes my torture
    This love, my only crime

    Oh Lover, please release me
    My arms too weak to grip
    My eyes too dry for weeping
    My lips too dry to kiss

    Calling, jesus, please
    Send his love to me

    I’m begging, jesus, please
    Send his love to me

  14. as a gift to the country for Valentine’s Day, the archeologers will not separate the two skeleton lovers for studies (at least not where the camera can see them.
    ah those romantic Italianos!
    p.s. the findings of a third skeleton buried somewhat further away, do suggest a cult gathering. (not an orgy for the pervs out there!!! I can just read the question off your mind.)

  15. Hey Killahh, you can’t be a killah and an whining, uncastrated female puppy at the same time, can you? (though you sly one, you cry and suffer with other people’s words and voice).
    What does it mean bletebzz, if I may?

  16. hmm, you’re asking me to bare my soul and not even waving a twenty?
    Ok po do te jete ne shqip se ashtu ka nisur.
    per nje nga programet humoristike te vitit te ri dikur, tere humoristet i kendonin Xhuljeta Kulles, si XHuljetes se Shekspirit. cekja ishte tape dhe tifoz i Partizanit, keshtu qe si Romeo ne prag te vdekjes, bertiste:
    ZHuljete, Partizanin AMANET!
    nje kusheriri im shejtan e degjoi dhe i rimoi lehte me emrin tim po te hiqte nje r keshtu qe me therriste Blete, Partizanin AMANET!, nderkohe qe une nxihesha nga inati.
    qe atehere ne familje njihesha me Blete, AMANET dhe AFEZ(ngaqe me rrinte hunda dite e nate mbi libra).
    tani qe me duhej nje pseudonim, me pelqeu blete, shto edhe zhurmen qe ben doli bletebzz. po ashtu buzz dihet cfare do te thote ne anglisht.
    qellimi i blogut tim mbi te gjitha eshte te rregjistroj zhurmat qe behen rreth e qark meje, ose zhurmen qe bej une per ato qe ndodhin ne realitet dhe ne koken time.
    nuk eshte faji im qe shume njerez e ngaterrojne blete me “punetore” ose “thumbuese”.

  17. njepalesyterinj: qe e paske kuptuar se une jam nje shpirt dhe se dyti i ngaterruar, kjo jo vetem tregon se je njeri me nuhatje te vecante, por edhe me nje aftesi sintetizuese qe te prek. te kuptosh dhe artikulosh ne pak rreshta, konfliktin e tjetrit, vetem te jep nder. Ta dish.
    Tjeter c’kisha per te thene? Ah, ekzistojne te gjitha shanset qe une te jem kelysh vajtues buceje i pakastruar dhe njekohesisht vrases, madje tamam per pjesen e pare qe qendron edhe pjesa e dyte. Megjithate nuk e kuptoj se ku (ne c’pike, c’zone, c’shtrirje etjetj) ky tubim faktesh, mund te te preke (ne kuptimin e vetem te fjales) Ty.

    O idiot, une NUK KAM fjale, Jam thellesisht, cilesisht, dhe qartesisht BOSH, prandaj perdor fjalet e te te tjereve. (idiot – ketu permendet prej ngjyrimit empatik. Ca lesh vrasesi jam une. Kam pare vetem filma.

  18. Apparently somebody has been pretending to be me on the internet.

    Reply #32 and 30 are linked to my LJ account, but I certainly did not leave those comments. I wonder who did?

  19. intelligence grise! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ gjeja qe me kall krupen me shume se fundmi; gati fizikisht alergji. Offspring i 10,000 filozofeve te vegjel qe benin xhiro te deshmoret e kombit oooonce upoooon a time… gjynof qe e nxjerrin koken te ky blog otherwise i mrekullueshem…

    B, sorry cool girl! Forget the above; ’twas addressed to a certain yucky visitor. To you, a great Monday (as much as this can be, I understand that)

  20. anewpairofeyes, i have no idea who is who when they write here, except people that i personally know. i can’t help you there.
    the IP address returned untraceable.
    hope no damage was done to your reputation.

  21. Bletebzz,

    Its all good. I need to go out into the internet and see if this person pretending to be me has done any damage.

    Kind of bizarre.

    At least it lead me to this blog, which is actually rather interesting ๐Ÿ™‚


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