It Will Be Invented a Liquid or a Machine (find the author)

This was contributed by a friend already translated. I could not do a better job, even if the green eyed monster inside is dying. Clue: the author is not dead.


Invented it will be a liquid or a machine

This time around, who knows, the ladies

Will succeed, and also the men

To magically loose weight

”butterflies of a tragic drink that inside

The glass of youthfulness will be blinded”

They will get thinner, the impeccable contours,

Will despise us

Drips like a compass the sweat

Of the medical-architect

Over that boiled rose, over

That French bourgeois revolution

That divides the bums

From the back-breath taking of the girl

Who I desired to be eleven years of age

In short, the erotic erosion of fat

Will be published in the first pages

The tests, the counter reactions

Extremely accurate, with no traumas

The machinery of weight-loss


Will exorcise in a clinic that man

All the exaggerated dinners

The abdomen full of savings

For a membership or a course of yoga

And the lady sighing will drain

Her breast till a brick it be

And little by little will return repented to the machine

Maybe to get them larger or a bit smaller

And by the way will flatten her exhausted calves

The world will be filled of Rodin fine creatures

Who can quickly finish things and do sex fast

As the sparrow’s clutch in the high tension wire


They also say that will be invented

That other machine, that other liquid too

That will deport the daily surplus-value of fat

From the laboratories of emaciation

Buried into tiny colored bottles

Directly in the third world

There it will be transported

To the
Somalias with outstretched ribs

Seven skies under ground

And to the dried tambours under palms

Injected it will be

Right into their black skin

All the proteinic buttocks and thighs and dewlaps

A gift from the gloomy Swedish afternoons of

And thus the races will fraternizes in equality

And the people will become felicitous tattoos


16 thoughts on “It Will Be Invented a Liquid or a Machine (find the author)

  1. Don’t do it Naida, don’t do it, don’t do it please, listen to me don’t do it, I am begging you, don’t do it, do not do it, are you hearing me, I am pleading, imploring, entrating you to don’t do it…okay, do it then.


    Regetin ecja e kermillit ne mes te jetimores
    Pllakat bardhe e zi, bardhe e zi kuadrat i ndajne ditet
    Ku mllefi i kuzhinieres pushkaton makarona
    E therren edhe rojen, pulen e vetme qe mbeti
    Tingujt e fundit pershkuan permes njehersh
    Gjithe fijet e barit, flakeza jeshile qiriu
    Homazh ne kopshtijen ilustrimin braktisur ne botime abetaresh
    Te nje etnie te perndjekur qe fiket
    Homazh per rrugen e qumeshtit te kermillit
    Mu permes bardhe e zi, bardhe e zi
    Tek e heq me llape shijen e pasdites
    Qe i ul breket e vakta pasditja
    Mbi tullat pa nena
    Te avllise qe rrethoi ndertesen:
    tre cunat aty u rriten: pa levizur shijojne dashurine
    puthitur nen kutite e kepuceve
    pa nene, pa nene
    pa gjiret e vegjel te bluzes me vija
    qe as sot s’shkoi ne shkolle
    jo, jo, nuk qe rojtari pula qe therren
    per te premte zakonisht kopilat
    hane pastorin danez ne kat te dyte (tre kate ndertesa)
    Ky i mbolli te gjitha biblat ne saksite e dritares
    per te sajuar i humbur, atdheun te larget.

  3. Poezia është sërish e Ervin Hatibit, e sikletëshme shumë që aijo që e vuri nuk e bëri publikun me dije…Bletë, to you the honor of translating it, or should I do it?

  4. no, it’s okay…but what we can do is translate it (while profusely thanking the poster) privately and independently and ask Elais for a “prejudiced” judgment as which of them she would find more true to the original, or at least more pleasant…or we can favor the green eye monster and leave him/her/it wisely uncontested.

  5. ideale!!
    I like this. I started doing this already and let me tell you, it put me in a purple haze just by trying ot figure out its meaning
    breket e vakta te pasdites????

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