Find the author {I took my girlfriend and off we went}

I took my girlfriend and off we went
from crooked bend to crooked bend
tugged by something that would not relent
The Sunlight slowly became sunset,
And Darkness caught us in its net,
Softly, my girlfriend I started to pet
Why do you roar, my quiet lake?
What can’t you say, but only quake?
What did you see on that modest bank?
And when that moment pops in my head,
In my head it pops; Ah! that blessed bank
Nor alive or dead, in its thrall I am held


9 thoughts on “Find the author {I took my girlfriend and off we went}

  1. Lasgush Poradeci. (Llazar Gusho)…if you don’t mind, and of course you will, the overture from “The Livestock and Agriculture”, was slightly more impressive…though this borders the enjoyable too. I am embarrassingly aware of my derisive wondering beyond the quiz lay ground.

  2. E mora shoqezen perkrah,
    E matme rugen ca-nga-ca,
    Sikur na ndillte lerg dicka.

    Pa zu dita perendoj,
    Pa zu nata na mbuloj,
    Pa zura shoqen ta pushtoj.

    Perse bucet liqer i qet!
    Liqer,ti c’thua ndaj bucet!
    C’far’pe,liqer,mi zall te shkrete?

    E casin kur e sjall ner mend,
    Kur sjell ner mend,ah!ate vend,
    As rroj as vdes,po jam pa mend

    PS d.x. don’t be a spoil sport next time….I’ve done exactly the same mistake by popping up the name right away (with N. Frasheri)…

  3. I do mind but criticizm is useful. u re right DX,i was very inspired on the Agriculture thingy (do not ask me why, i have always loved Poradeci best)
    This new category is just staying-in-shape for me and any criticizm and suggestion is appreciated. We have so much literary treasures and so little introduced to the english speaking world and I’d love to do an itty-bitty part of it.
    Please contribute as much as you can. the fact that you recognise it is the best compliment for me.

  4. You are welcome! Thanks to you too for your words. Much appreciated. May be you would like to look at few poems of Ervin Hatibi I have tried to translate into english, if so it will be, I can gladly explain the why of certain choices. Of course, you can take your time, and any decision will be accepted as the request never took place. Have a wonder-word day!

  5. Boy, I liked better the green version….

    Anyway, blete, allow me to give my version of the first two verses, the other two simply don’t reach out to me…. took the liberty after I saw the other postings on EH’s. At any rate, you have the scissors if this sucks, haven’t you….

    Took my sweetie by my side
    Quiet strolled on gentle stride
    Lured by something far and wide

    Day grew old to dusk, twilight,
    Tucked us in the husk of night
    As we cuddled in delight

  6. i have the scissors but they need not be applied,
    who knew what resided in your statitien’s heart
    i salute your version and i liked the green too
    but it is good to change, avoid mold and mildew.

    thank you klimi, maybe we do a page with the best versions and make people read some albo genious one of these days.

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