Dreamgirlz and metallic blue eyeshadow

We saw Dreamgirlz this past Thursday. Yeah it was good. Not earthshatering good, or speechless good like American Beauty or Moulin Rouge, but still good enough that I still have this yearning for metallic blue eyeshadow and fringe skirts. I think they used an entire cosmetics dept to do this movie.

But Jennifer Hudson was great. Boy what a voice!

And yes, Beyonce looks horrible in that black wig. She is a complete sugar pill bleached and plucked until there is no more taste but sweet’n low. Does she know those things cause cancer? Even Diana Ross has more soul than her. Even Michael Jackson. Even I have more soul. Sorry Beyonce lovers, but admit that though her butt is divine, what they do with her voice is a real shame. and she does not even need it. Now JLo is another matter. She only has the butt so the studio mix actually helps her “singing”. Maybe there should be a new genre in music: “bootysong” or something like that. because why else would you listen to Britney Spears?

Wait a moment! I think there is actually a name for this type of singing and it is called farting. Thank God soundwaves do not distribute smells too.

But then again, I sing “Sexy Back” in front of the bathroom mirror, so please do not trust my taste.


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