New Year’s Eve at Maria Pia and more

I guess the question on everybody’s mind these past days has been:
“Did she or did she not wear the boob dress?”.
Yes, I did. In deferrence to the wives and mothers and in order to let their better halves eat in peace, I put a reasonably closed bra underneath it. Some moments I wish I had not done it though, because I still got some sly looks and people who pretended they did not know me. You know who you are, right there!
My natural reaction was to embarras them by going over, introducing myself to their wives, and then watching them squirm, but this time I played nice because Mother Had a Camera (and discovered how to use it).
Never show your parents how to use the digital camera, internet, or operate their cell phone. For one thing, parents are genetically programmed not to listen to their children no matter how much hair and what color said children have sprouted, and for another you will kiss your suppersmart status goodbye and will be redelegated to the low jobs such as fixing your own bed, turning off the digital camera and cleaning the computer of viruses. Your dad will also have had a good chat with all your prospectives at
Anyway, I hope to overcome technical issues (forgot where I put that darn USB cable!!) in time to bring pics from the event. I also hope that my friends will email me their pics (yeah right!) and that the hole in the ozone layer will go away or at least stand on the head of Mr. Bush. (oops no politics).
The evening in itself was very nice (that is we were all drunk and discussing politics at 4.00 AM, while poor Alban made everyone coffee) and people were yelling like banshees at all times. However, everybody made it home safe and sound even if:
Miss. F. puked all over the place and our shoes. Previously she stood on the corner, yelling “Happy New Year!” and scaring a whole bunch of drag queens and their confused boyfriends. Ah to be young and innocent once again!
Mr. SS took it in his head to sit on the baby’s carriage and honk at passing cabs, UFO’s and unlucky squirrels. Wheee!!! Wheee!!!
There was good food, magically appearing wine bottles, raki, some dancing and a lot of prancing around in our best shoes (Red Sparkling High-heel Pumps for yours truly), as well as belated Christmas gifts. There was also a battle of noise makers, which I am happy to report, WE WON!!!! Thanks to Mr. SS for his kindly contribution. His last “PEEEEPPPPP!” gave us a whole new load of respect.
But my favorite part of Maria Pia is the afterhours bread, cold cuts and wine that was generously offered when we were discussing the plans of the New Year’s Eve party. I advise everybody else to go, if not for the wonderful food, or the Italian sounding waiters, then for the wonderful cameraderie that permeats the place.


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve at Maria Pia and more

  1. This post is very well written and quite enjoyable. You, Bletez, sound both happy and sad, and seem to have plenty of good friends. What else can one ask from life’s genie? More writing like this, of course.

  2. thank you, this is very sweet of you.
    actually, if you were in Tirana during the 90ies, the correct answer to what one could ask more of life was conveyed by the following meaningful philosophical ad.
    Ma che cosa vuoi di piu dalla vita?
    UN LUGANO (strong bittersweet cognac)

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