I saw the FULL MONTY!!!

No I didn’t. We went to see the show in the Westchester Broadway last night. It is ok for a provincial theatre, but I am not so sure it is worth the ticket price. the food is ok, but very limited and they make you pay through the teeth for anything extra. (except the wine, the wine is good)
Besides, the waiters are always skulking and trying not to see the patrons, in case they get asked for extra bread rolls or coffee refills.
The show in itself was ok, and the set chosen well even if a bit minimalistic. The actors were nice, but looked a bit tired and ready to go home after the first act. I did like the Fat Guy and the Stripper though.
At the end, they do take everything off, but we do not see anything because of the blinding low lights. Seeing buttcheeks was good, although there is nothing worse than untanned guy butts under harsh neon lights. For those questioning my right to complain, please keep in mind that nobody paid $70 to see my tush, and that there is a reason I hate thongs.
I was hoping that somebody from Buffalo saw the show, because it did for the small town what BORAT did for Khasakistan (how is this spelled again?). They could have created an imaginary loser town and left it at that, without taking a real loser town and adding pervert to the list of its faults.
When I saw the movie, it was ok, because I never even remembered the name of the savage little town where it takes place, but Buffalo is too close to home (i think, because I got no idea how close) And everybody knows how perverted those English are! Just read Victorian Erotica.
Anyway, if you want to hear my advise, you either rent the movie and dine on gourmet popcorn, or go to Broadway and bring your dinner with you.
But if you insist on Dinner and Theatre, go to Westchester Broadway and enjoy it.


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